What can I expect when I come to church?

At Casey City Church you will meet people on a journey to discover the true essence of knowing God and loving people. We believe God wants to have a genuine, powerful relationship with Him and others on a similar journey as yourself. For that very reason we make transparency, relevance and a longing for God a priority. You will find our services casual, high-energy, interesting, informative and most of all refreshing. Over time you will discover the joys of being part of a community who welcomes you without hesitation, experience what is meant by the presence of God and the reality of encountering our purpose and destiny! 
Join us every Sunday at 10:30am

Prayer before the Sunday Service

“Our House shall be called a House of Prayer…”
All are welcomed to join the pre-prayer starting at 10am. It is a time we declare the goodness of God as the word of the Lord “call the things that are not as though were”. It is time where we also pray prophetically as we sense the spirit of the Lord would inspire us to do so always being mindful of bringing context and order to what and how we do it. It is a wonderful time for you to be “other-centred” in prayer.



We begin and end our service with powerful, intimate and reflective worship. Often providing the Spirit of the Lord freedom to work and move in our midst. There is a measure of structure and spontaneity as we come together in corporate worship with an amazing opportunity to simply revel in His presence and experience real transformation. Our band consists of drums, guitars, keyboards, violin, trumpet and vocals doing relevant worship songs including our own original compositions. The words are projected onto our video screen so that everyone can worship together. Everyone’s encouraged to sing, clap, dance, lift their hands or simply reflect as we lift up and honour the name of Jesus. We don’t want to just simply sing, but instead worship God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength!

The Message

After some announcements and housekeeping, one of our pastors, leaders or guest speakers talks for about 35 minutes and unveils the word of God drawing practical applications to our day to day lives. The Word of God has many truths and amazing promises for us and it is our desire for you to leave with hope and chance to know God. We use AV (audio visual), physical illustrations, video, stories and loads of humour to communicate how you can apply principles to a life worth living!


After the meeting

We encourage you to stay behind for coffee, meet or catch with great friends and have loads of laughs, the “church” experience continues. Church is not about just listening to one person speak, but doing life together and our time after service is great way for that to happen or simply go out with one another for lunch to several of the eateries and cafes just around the corner.

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