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From Desperation to Determination!

Hi Everyone,

As I pondered on what to get my mum for Mother's Day I thought about the Determination of the Syrophenician Women in Mark 7:24-30 and Matthew 15:21-28.

What had caused this mother to be so bold, courageous and determined? She wasn't even a Jew she was a Gentile, so she should not have even been asking Jesus for a miracle. He said He'd come for the Jews first but He just couldn't resist her faith and determination!

She didn't care who she was, what people thought, all she knew was that Jesus was her only hope, because she had heard what he'd already done. Her love for her daughter caused her desperation, she was blinded to her surroundings, all she saw was Jesus!

Wow! Maybe we should shut out all the negative voices around us when we are believing God for something and just lift our eyes up to Jesus, (Hebrews 12:2) and believe the Word alone!

Desperation can be a good thing when it leads us to take action! It's no good to anyone to allow it to get us depressed but it can cause us to take steps of faith and grow.

We read that she humbly came and fell at Jesus' feet and when He ignored her she didn't go away, instead, she began to worship him! Even when He called her a little dog she didn't give up and go away offended. No! She persevered and refused to move until He said that her daughter was healed! (Mark 7:29-30)

How many times have we given up just before the answer arrives? It could have been just around the corner and we gave up and aborted our prayers!

In 1952 Florence Chadwick decided to swim between Catalina Island and the Californian Coast, It had never been attempted by a woman before. It was about 26 miles and when she got to 25 miles it was cold and foggy she couldn't see anything ahead of her and at 25 1/2 miles she gave up!

She didn't realise how close she was to the coast so she became discouraged! If she'd only known that she was only 1/2 mile to breaking the record! She attempted it again 2 months later and became the 1st women to swim the 26-mile channel. (2 Corinthians 4:8-18, Philippians 3:12-14, Hebrews 10:23+35-36).

This is not just for mothers this week but for all of us. Don't give up! Keep praying for what you are believing for. God never gives up on us, so don't give up on Him! He is still the God of the impossible! (Luke 1:37)

So what can we learn from this portion of scripture?

Desperation + Humility and Worship + Faith + Determination + Perseverance = Victory!

Here are some Scriptures to claim for your households:

Deuteronomy 30:19-20, Joshua 24:15, Acts 16:31, Jerimiah 31:16-17, Psalm 112:2, Isaiah 59:21, Isaiah 54:13, Isaiah 49:25, Proverbs 14:26, Psalm 115:14-15, Psalm 103:17, Psalm 102:28.

God bless you all and have a great week!

Love Giovanna!

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