You are valued in this city

Love this City is about improving the basic fabric of our society through the mechanism of real acts of love.  It’s when each person considers “Who is my neighbour?” based on “love your neighbour as yourself.” Then, we can recognise opportunities to seize and display “random acts of kindness”…to “pay it forward” for someone that we may not really know, or who is so different – culturally, socially, or economically, to me.


Love is not a passive feeling.  Real love is observable action. 


It begins with each of us recognising these three factors:

  1. I am important to my city.

  2. If I ‘love’ one new person in my city, collectively, many more people will be loved.

  3. My small act of kindness demonstrates ‘real love’ to someone else.


  • To love your city and cease vandalising buildings and the infrastructure

  • To love your city and cease from responding with acts of violence

  • To love your city and respect and honour levels of authority

  • To love your city and embrace all peoples from all cultures

  • To love your city and transition from tolerance to understanding

We all want the world to be a better place. It is sung about, spoken about and is deep inside many of us …it is what we hope to see happen.